Co-pilot (also known as guided scanning mode) is a feature which allows you to guide the automated scanner by manually browsing through the target application. For example, once the scanner is running, the user can navigate through the application structure to reveal hidden features which may not discoverable through any other means.

To configure Co-pilot, you must first start the Scanner. Once the Scanner is running, select the "Co-pilot" tab, turn it on and click the "Open Target" button. Once the application is opened, simply navigate around as you usually do. Go over interesting features. Repeat some common tasks.

The Scanner will automatically pick up the activity and use it to perform similar tests.

Check out the Co-pilot feature page for more information and instructions.


There are a number of options to control the behavior of the Scanner when used with Co-pilot.

  • Directed Scan - If enabled the scanner will rely 100% on the user guidance. The scanner will not start any automated scans. The tool will only scan the requests generated by the user while surfing the target application.
  • Spider Transactions - If enabled the co-pilot will spider all HTTP requests and responses generated by the user while browsing the target application. This will improve the overall quality of the results but it could take significantly longer for the scanner to complete due to more interesting execution paths will be discovered.