Request Builder

Making HTTP requests is inevitable in the debugging and testing of web-based software of any kind and size. What are your options? Well, you can use some utility with command-based interface or you can come in terms with the advancements and use a tool built for the modern web. Meet Request Builder, the part of rest and Fuzzer that makes building HTTP Requests a breeze!

Great Customizations

With every part of the request separated in separate tab, tailoring your request exactly how you like it is child's play. Go to the corresponding tab and add the required information there, then Request Building will take care of translating it to the format that computers actually understand. Easy for you, understandable for the computer!

Getting Started

Request Builder is available in Fuzzer and rest. Give it a go!

  1. Open a supported app, such as rest.
  2. Enter the requests specifics in the corresponding tabs.
  3. To get the maximum out of Request Builder, try out using Variables and Text Builder.
  4. Done. You are building HTTP Request just like that.

Friendly Advice

If you still want to be 100% manual about doing request, at least let us give you a helping hand with the generation of the basic code with Code Builder.