Request API

With the Request API, you can change your point of presence to one of our global checkpoints. This feature comes handy when testing jurisdictional requirements, such as access to applications and features from blocked countries and regions, or when testing for behaviour differences based on the client GEO location.

Global Checkpoints

The Request API is available in 15 regions across the globe with checkpoints in The United State of America, Assia Pacific, Canada, Europe and South America.

Getting Started

It takes a moment to start using Request API in your project.

  1. Open Rest and set up your request.
  2. Select the request API region from the drop-down.
  3. Send the request from the selected region.

One of a Kind

Request API is unique feature exclusively offered in SecApps security testing suite with no comparable alternatives offered by other vendors. We aim to deliver a complete security testing toolkit and Request API takes this dream further with built-in features ready to deliver the most challenging testing requirements.