Link Extractor

See where your target fetches additional resources from - is it Google, some third-party service provider or a private API endpoint. Carefully analyze those links to fully understand the attack surface of your target.

Getting Started

Link Extractor is only available in rest. Give it a go!

  1. Open rest and make a request to your target.
  2. Open the Links tab located in the Response Viewer.
  3. Carefully analyze the links to establish the target's attack surface.
  4. Decide if any link is worth exploring more in either rest or Fuzzer and if so - use the corresponding Open button.
  5. You have just used Link Extractor to establish some truths about your target!

The Perfect Match?

Do you enjoy using Link Extractor? Maybe you should check out Form Extractor as well - it gives you all the forms on a page ready to be analyzed and bruteforced!