Rest comes with a number of pro features, exclusively available to users with pro subscription plans.

Request API

The rest client utilises our state of the art browser extension to leverage special browser functions such as the ability to send cross-domain requests. This feature is supplemented with our Request API in the situations where the extension cannot be installed or used or when you want to perform a request from a different point of origin.

Currently, the Request API is based in our Irland datacenter with plans to extend it across the globe with locations in North and South America, Canada, additional locations in Europe and Asia.

We made location-based testing easy as pie.

Automatic Issue Detection

Pro users benefit from our passive issue detection engine which is used to test every single request and response that goes via the client. This pro feature gives you a complete 360° of the health of the service or application you are testing while keeping away the complexities.

Some issues are better detected by machines.

Diff View

The key to finding vulnerabilities and other types of problems is to be able to successfully identify differences and patterns. This skill requires keeping a good mental picture which takes years to master. No more.

With the help of our integrated diff view, Pro users will be able to compare the current response with the selected base response. All differences are clearly outlined so spotting the problem is no longer a problem.

Browser Preview

The built-in browser preview gives you a complete render of the target response body. You no longer need to scan HTML sources with your eyes to find out what exactly is going on.

This pro feature is incredibly useful to test form input validation problems in web applications.

Slice View

Slice View lets you trim the server's response to only what's necessary to you at the moment.