Diff View

Sometimes the difference between your base response and the one you have just received is negligibly small so you could spend hours trying to find out if your attack has succeeded. What you could do instead is use Diff View - clever viewer that only displays the differences in the responses. It would have taken you up to an hour to carefully analyze those responses - now you are done in seconds!

Getting Started

Diff View saves time! Use it exclusively in rest.

  1. Open a supported app, such as rest, and make 2 or more requests.
  2. Go to the Diff View tab in Response View
  3. Select a base response from the dropdown to be compared against the response of your current request.
  4. If you wish to change the current response, do so from the dropdown, shown on the picture.
  5. Done! You can now analyze the differences in the two responses.

Do you want a companion for Diff View?

Use HTML Preview in conjunction with Diff View for best results! Preview two server responses and if you cannot see any visual difference, turn to Diff View for help to catch to more subtle changes!