Q. What is SecApps Recon?

Recon is an information-gathering power tool that can quickly discover vulnerabilities and relationships between discrete nodes through public databases. Under the hood, Recon will find the relationship between different data sets that can lead to findings that are not necessarily visible on the surface.

Q. What can I do with Recon?

Recon helps you find the hidden relationship between data objects. In reality, the possibilities with Recon are endless. Recon supports numerous transformations that are maintained on a daily basis by our engineering team.

Q. Who are the main users of Recon?

Recon is the perfect companion for everyone that is looking for a semi-automatic information gathering power tool. It is designed to be used as the first step of your reconnaissance to discover potential vulnerabilities in the application that otherwise wouldn’t be visible.

Q. How do I interface with Recon?

Recon can be accessed by the Recon application part of your Launchpad.

Q. How do I get started using Recon?

It is very easy to get started. All related resources and help materials are available online and as part of the tool's built-in documentation.


Q. How much does Recon cost?

Recon is a subscription-based service. We offer a 7-day free trial for our Pro Plan. If you don’t cancel before the 7-day trial period you will be automatically entered into a monthly subscription plan.

Q. Do your price include taxes?

Unless otherwise specified all prices are exclusive of taxes.


Q. What does SecApps do with the information?

SecApps does not use the data to form or influence any other service offerings.

Q. How reliable is Recon?

Recon is guaranteed to always perform any transforms specified by the user. Some transforms might take a bit longer depending on the target organization. In addition, we are continuously maintaining and updating Recon with new features.