Explore Recon Results

Recon has 3 main tabs:

  • Graph Tab provides you with an overview of the different nodes and their relationships.
  • Table Tab gives you a more structured table-like view of the results.
  • Images Tab is used to explore screenshots that Recon collected during the process.

Graph Tab

The Graph Tab is a place where you can see all the different nodes that Recon created and the relationships between each of them. It is an extremely useful place to start and visually identify connections between different data sets.

You can click on each node to find more detailed information about it. Check out this tutorial on finding information leaks in GitHub Gists.

In addition, you can manipulate the graph structure with our built-in layouts that you can find under the Graph view. The supported layouts are Grid Layout, Circle Layout, Concentric Layout and many more. You can also export the image of the Graph which might be useful in Reconnaissance reports as a visual representation of the work.

Table Tab

In the Table Tab you will find a more detailed representation of the different nodes. Here, you can also perform additional transforms for further discovery.

Each node will have the information connected to it depending on the type. You can sort the table based on different requirements.

You will also find a filter button (an arrow located in the top left corner). The filter has advanced filtering capabilities which will become very useful when dealing with huge amounts of data.

To download all the results you can click on any of the icons below the Table. The formats we currently support are CSV, JSON, or SERIALIZED.

Images Tab

The Images Tab is the place where you will find all the screenshots from the web pages that Recon was able to take during the transformation. It is particularly useful when you need to scan through a lot of content with minimal effort.

In many cases, you will be able to identify potential vulnerabilities just by browsing through the screenshots.