Create a Recon

Now that you've signed up for SecApps, you are ready to create your first Recon Graph.

NOTE: If you are in our Free plan some features might be missing.

The basics

A graph is a collection of nodes connected by edges. Each node represents a piece of information. The edges between the nodes correspond to their relationship. The relationships are generated with the help of transforms. Transforms are functions that take nodes as input and produce additional nodes. For example, a transform can take a node representing a domain name and produce all subdomains as additional nodes.

Creating a simple graph

  1. Add a Node by clicking on the (+) button and click on the newly created Node. You will see a menu pop-up on the right side of the screen.

Recon Getting Started 00

  1. Choose the type of target (e.g. domain). Click the Commit button.

Recon Getting Started 01

  1. Choose from the transforms that we currently support.

Getting Started Recon 01

Watch the graph populating!

Recon Getting Started 03