Slice View

Focus on what matters

Server responses are notoriously hard to make sense of - they contain a lot of HTML boilerplate and scripts that make little difference to the purpose of your analysis. What's good, though, is that the contents of a single page doesn't change much from depending on user input. The solution? Use Slice View to trim the response from the beginning and from the end so that what you are left off with is only what you are truly interested in!

Getting Started

Using Slice View is extremely easy. Try it out in rest or Fuzzer.

  1. Go to a supported app, such as rest and make a request.

  2. Navigate to the Slice tab of the Response Viewer.

  3. Trim the response with the two sliders.

  4. If you need fine-tuning, select one of the sliders and use the arrow keys for percision.

  5. Enjoy your trimmed response in your next requests!

Powerful Security Testing Engine

Co-pilot is powered by one of the most advanced web security testing engines available today written with performance, sane memory management and stability in mind. The testing engine covers well over 60 generic vulnerability checks from Remote Code Execution, SQL Injection, and Local File Inclusion to Cross-site Scripting, Request Forgery and much more.