HTTPView can intercept from multiple sources at the same time. This behaviour can be controlled by the Feeds settings.

Intercepting browser requests

In browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, HTTPView can intercept directly without the need to install proxies. Ensure that the SecApps Browser Extension is installed.

This is a built-in feature which can be accessed with the internal://extension feed URI which is available by default in HTTPView.

Intercepting with proxies

A compatible proxy, such as Pown Proxy, can be configured as a source for HTTPView. This allows you to intercept HTTP requests and responses that pass through the proxy. The feed URI is provided by the proxy itself and must be setup in HTTPView.

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Intercepting raw packets

HTTPView can extract HTTP sessions from TCP captures produced from tools such as tcpdump and other sniffers. One such compatible sniffer is Pown Now. This feature can be used in situations where HTTP traffic needs to be captured from the wire. For example, you can actively intercept iOS applications without the need to configure the proxy settings.

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