There is built-in support for various transforms which can be used to change values dynamically. In order to use a transform, simply start typing the transform name or select it directly from the dropdown list associated with the targeted text builder field. The following number of transforms are currently available:

File - The file transform allows you to load the contents of a file from your local storage. Hash - You can use the hash transform to create hash values in various formats such as md5, sha1, sha256, sha512, etc. Year - Get the current year. Month - Get the current month. Epoch - Get the current UNIX timestamp. Encode - Use the encode transform to convert a value in various encoding formats such as base64, urlencoding, JSON encoding and more. JWT - This transform allow you to create dynamic JWT tokens. All types of token signing algorithms are supported. Split - This transform splits the input text and extracts the token at the specified index. Replace - This transform can be used to replace text using string search and regular expressions.