The SecApps toolkit comes with an advanced auxiliary feature to help you build, use and reuse dictionary files for fuzz-testing and bruteforce attacks.

"Dictionary" is a type of Text Builder that allows you to load a wordlist. To open the feature, simply type "Dictionary" into a text box in one of the supported apps and click on it. You will be greeted with the main editing area. Here you can manually insert your dictionary items one per line. Click the "Use list" button to commit the list.

You can also clear the current list, load a common list, load a list from a file and cancel the current edit.

Common Lists

To load a common list, click the "Load Common List" button. Select a dictionary collection from the drop-down menu or search for a specific dictionary with the search bar. Once you find a dictionary you want to use, simply select the line. You can load more than one dictionaries at a time.

Once all dictionaries are select, click the "Load" button. The selected dictionaries will be automatically downloaded. Click the "Use loaded lists" option if you are happy with your selection.

The loaded dictionaries will be displayed in the editing area where you can review your selection and modify by deleting and inserting entries.

File Lists

You can also load dictionaries from a file. Click the "Load list from file" button. Once prompted, select the file to open. Multi-file selections are supported.

Once again, you can manually edit the final list from the edit area. Click the "Use list" button to commit your changes.