Struct Builder and Preview

After you have established what a piece of binary data means, it's a good idea to keep track of that. Meet Struct Builder - the tool that allows you to build complex objects consisting of a number of types for you to explore in a concise tree view.

On the left, you have the options to select from a number of widespread data types as an interpretation of the the sequence starting from the currently selected byte. You should also give this sequence a name that will appear in the tree view on the right. For example, if you know that the next 10 bytes contain the filename, you should mark that as char | filename | 10.

Tree View is the part on the right. It contains interpretations of the binary data depending on the types defined on the left in a convinient to preview tree format. Going back to the example before, if you have entered char | filename | 10 on the left, then an entry "filename" will appear within root with the interpretation of the first 10 bytes as characters.