SecApps is a versatile security platform made of many apps and services. It is a one-stop-shop for most in-house security needs.

To use the apps and services you will need to have an associated subscription. Some subscriptions are metered-based. This means that you will be charged only per usage. Other subscriptions are charged on a regular interval at a fixed cost.

Starting Subscriptions

Use the following process to start a subscription:

  1. Click the "Add Subscription" button.
  2. Select the product you are interested in and click "Continue".
  3. Verify the plan and press "Continue".
  4. You may be required to enter credit card information unless you have a pre-payed plan.

Now your subscription is active and ready to use.

Canceling Subscriptions

Use the following process to cancel an active subscription. Metered-based subscriptions do not need to be canceled because you will not be billed at regular intervals. They are based on usage alone.

  1. Identify the subscription in your dashboard.
  2. Click the "Cancel Subscription" button.
  3. Confirm the cancellation step.

Recurring subscriptions are still usable within the current payment period even after cancelation.