Modus Operandi

AppBandit is composed of 5 separate tools working in a perfect unison. At the core of the proxy, we have the Capture tool which is responsible for setting up the proxy and displaying the obtained data. Active interception is handled by the Intercept tool, which is designed to display intercepted requests and responses and allow the user to modify the data in transit. Both Capture and Intercept are opened by default.

Additional tools are opened on demand in separate tabs when and if required by the user. For example, double-clicking on any of the captured HTTP transactions will open the transactions in Resend for modification and replay. You can also open HTTP transactions in Fuzzer, a tool designed to help you with fuzz testing and automation. Last but not least you can open Encoder which will help you set up an encoding/decoding data flow.

Each tool can be opened more than once. During a typical session you will have many Resend, Fuzzer and Encoder tabs opened at any given point in time but just one instance of Capture and Intercept. Once a tool is no longer needed you can discard it by closing the tab. Each tool runs in its own process although rendered as part of the AppBandit window structure. This improves performance and makes the tools a lot more resilient to crashes caused by resource exhaustion or other factors.

AppBandit does not produce a single project session. Instead, the tool is utilising the familiar file/folder structure to manage projects. Each tool can save files either manually or automatically in a designated folder referred as the project folder. Related project files are saved in the same project folder. Files can be moved between different projects folders because they are just files. You can arrange your project in whichever way you want. This significantly improves the loading and startup time, especially when working on large projects that may contain gigabytes of project data. Since your projects are just files in a folder structure, you can mix them with other types of files produced by 3rd-party tools.

You can open multiple AppBandit windows. Separate windows can reference to the same project folder. Each window can run as many proxies sessions as you want although proxies cannot be shared between the windows. In other words, once a proxy address is allocated in one window and it is recording, it is not available in other windows. Similarly, the Intercept tool can only intercept traffic originating from its host window.

For more information about the different tools and features available in AppBandit consult with the respective manuals.